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Great Post re: Opioids & Pain Patients

September 18, 2016

Such a great post by Dr. Nagel for the National Pain Report! Opioid addiction should be seriously dealt with (although I have almost NO confidence that prohibition is the answer), but not at the expense of legitimate pain patients. According to Dr. Nagel, pain patients outnumber addicts 20:1. I am sorry that a bunch of addicts took legitimate pain medicine and used it recreationally, BUT why does that mean that others can’t continue to use these medicines appropriately? Yes, opioids have been overprescribed by some doctors and abused by some addicts, but let’s find a solution to that problem that doesn’t take opioids off the table for everyone. AND let’s fund pain research that will eventually make opioids obsolete. Pain patients want that more than anything else, but the feds are currently spending more money on the DEA and addicts than finding new treatments for pain. We need more Dr. Nagels standing up for their patients.  I know the DEA is scary, but….

The Opioid Abuse Crisis; an Opportunity for Those with Chronic Pain

Also, in the past two weeks I found out that my GP is leaving her practice and my alternative MD is also closing down his practice. Aaaaaaargh. Not a good thing for a patient with migraine, celiac, hashimoto’s thyroiditis, severe food and airborne allergies, infertility, sleep apnea, and the latest and greatest – severe menopause symptoms; what did I forget?  Sigh….

Here are some other great links I ran into this week. Thanks to my dogs for keeping me sane. Stay positive people (sorry, I know I’m struggling to do so)….

Breakthrough in the Migraine Funding Crisis

Cost of Migraine: Heavy economic, personal toll

Cindy: Health Activist

Chronic Migraine: Bloggers Reveal Top Tips

Living in a box: stories of chronic pain

People with Pain Matter Campaign

Migraines were taken more seriously in medieval times – where did we go wrong?


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